Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Leah Walsh' Body Found & Husband Arrested

Update: William Walsh has confessed to killing his wife after a huge fight about his gambling and other things. After he killed her he left her body in the home and ran errands, then he returned and he staged the entire flat tire incident. A witness saw him at the scene messing with the tire and then drive off in his yellow mustang (duh) before he says his wife left for work.

I wonder what his brother has to say about this now? After defending him and making it seem like a set up.

The body found yesterday has been identified as Leah Walsh, she was found brutally murdered 13 miles from her home. Her husband, William Walsh has been arrested and charged with murder, that is a really quick arrest. I am assuming there is absolute evidence pointing to him.

His family is already on the record defending him as is normal with the families of the accused. I wish them strength and healing, but more than anything I send my sincere prayers to Leah's family and friends, it is too often men think they can kill their wives and get away with it and men like Drew Peterson, Jason Young and Brad Cooper, make it look easy, this horrible divorce by murder is too common and I am afraid it has been around for decades.

How can anyone bring an end to this?


This story is close to home for me and I am not really sure what to make of it yet. Leah is a school teacher for autistic children in Glen Clove Long Island New York.

Two days ago Leah left for work like any other day, except she never made it to work. There are some conflicting reports online right now. Read below for the two different stories.

Version One: is that she had sent her husband a text that morning to tell him she loved him and then later another text to tell him she got a flat tire on her way to work and had pulled into the shoulder off the highway. Her husband says, he left to go find her and found her car, but not Leah. He then says he called police.

Version Two: According to her place of work, they began to get worried when Leah was over two hours late for work, so they began calling her family members, including her husband who could not be reached, they got Leah's father on the telephone and explained that she had not arrived at work. Leah's father found her car on the side of the highway and then called Leah's husband, who then called the police.

Leah's purse was found on the side of the road near her car, nothing else is known as far as items being missing. A body has been found near the highway 13 miles from Leah's car and investigators are saying the body is about 24 hrs old and will be hard to identify.

I take that to mean, either she was hit by a car or thrown from a car and sustained severe injuries, or something else totally unnecessary for me to post.

There are rumors on the Internet that her husband made a plea for her return and cried no tears although he was "crying". Also, there are rumors of a difficult three year old marriage and reported fight between husband and wife the night before she went missing as well as Leah having to tell a friend something important.

I will keep you updated.


Anonymous said...

A witness saw William get into a yellow car after he dropped off Leah's on the 135 expressway.

How did William get the two cars up there by himself ? Did his brother cover for him, and follow him on the body dump ?

Is is about 2 3/4 miles from the house to where the car was droped. How did he do that ?

Nikra said...

That is a good question. I would hate to suggest his brother helped him if that was not the case. I feel that when the situation is one like this that he would have walked the 2 miles after leaving her care there or maybe biked it, but came back to check or release the air from the tire early that morning and was spotted.

I just don't want to imagine someone else helping him.

It would be too evil.

Slick said...


This world is totally filled with sickos and the deranged.