Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What was Casey Anthony's plan?

A few people have been asking me lately what I thought was Casey Anthony's plan. Casey was charged with murder 1 and I believe this is correct and that the murder of her daughter was premeditated. In other words she planned to kill her child. Forensic Evidence files were released today, 34 pages of it.

It only confirms the earlier leak about air test coming back positive for decomposition and a single hair found that contained a death band ring which can only be from a dead body and that this hair sample was tested and Casey Anthony and Caylee Anthony could not be excluded as a match. It also confirms the significant amounts of chloroform found and vast amounts of gasoline.

Also in the documents it tells us that PIZZA was also tested and no maggots were found on the pizza. However the documents do not go into further testing of the maggots, the stain that has been rumored to show the actual placement of the body and tests on the rest of the car. This tells me there are more documents not yet released.

So what do I think her plan was? What is my theory?

I think most people try to fit every piece of information they know into the their theories and that is where the problem is. Some of the stuff she has said and done could be irrelevant to what actually happened. The one thing that always fits is the lying.

I don't think Casey Anthony thinks she is a bad liar. I think Casey Anthony has been a gifted liar for all of her life, quite possibly from the moment she was able to string words together. I think Casey Anthony lied to her friends and family for years about many things and often her lies were believed and in the end worked out. I don't think her lies were ever questioned.

For example, Caylee's true birth father. There are many different stories about who he is, most of them coming from Casey herself, all of them believed by the people who heard them, all of them very different.

Casey faked having a job at Universal Studios for almost two years. She stole from her family for cash and created fake emails about work and issues with her paycheck. Everyone in Casey's circle believed she worked as an event planner at Universal Studios Theme Park.

Casey was able to string several men on and carry on relationships with all of them, lying to each. She lied to friends about many things, including her bank accounts and issues with her family as well as her parents giving her their home.

Again, all of Casey's lies have been believed so why would someone like Casey who is so used to having people take her word on everything suddenly think they would not?

I believe she is a cold and calculating person with zero capacity to love or feel pain, sadness or empathy. A person like her is unable to put themselves in the place of a normal feeling person and predict how that person will react to her lies, she is unable to see the actions of a normal person and instead basis these actions on herself and how she would react, but since she is not a normal person she loses this game.

It has been reported that on a computer Casey had access to, someone (presumably Casey) was looking up missing kids websites before her own child went missing on this same computer a search for the recipe for chloroform was conducted as well as a search for the name that ultimately became the name of the nanny who she claims took her child.

Casey had a plan.

In my opinion she searched missing kids profiles to research how many children have been actually found, how much media attention they received if any and which cases remain open, by that I mean, what type of cases.

She decided to use chloroform to end Caylee's life and I strongly believe at first she was going to call her parents and say Caylee was kidnapped by a stranger on June 16th, after she dumped her body in remote area, that explains the many calls to her parents, brother etc. that all got ignored. There was no way she was going to call 911 and face the police alone with her claim with out her family, since it seems they would believe her lie and run with the story with her mother taking the lead.

The problem? She called for a while and no one answered their phones, she had already killed Caylee. What to do?

She retrieves her body and places it in the trunk until she figures out her next move. She tells her first lie about Caylee being with a nanny and no one is the wiser, she continues this lying, no one is questioning her, but the smell in the car is getting bad.

Casey only needed to make sure of two things, that her parents believed her kidnapping story and that Caylee's body would never be found.

Everything else is just an added factor that may or may not have played a role in her plan - the gas cans, the shovel, the cell phone pings, the random shower at her ex's place.

The gas cans could have been used to fill up her tank on the way to the body dump so that she did not have to stop in an area she shouldn't be at to fill up on gas. I believe she drove far to dump evidence, without her cellphone. She had cash in her wallet and money she had stolen from friends and her mother, why would her car run out of gas by mistake?

She left the car at Amscot in a parking spot for no particular reason other than the smell was a problem and she became complacent and so sure of herself, I am convinced she was going to deal with the car later, but hoped someone would just steal it. I doubt she thought it would get towed, it was in a parking spot and her brain doesn't work that way.

She did NOT expect her mother to walk in that room that day and demand to see Caylee and she especially did not expect the world to see what she had done. She was caught off guard and her story came out in pieces. It wasn't her original plan, it wasn't her original story but she thought she would lie her way through it. She even tried to convince her mother that Caylee was fine with the Nanny and they shouldn't bother waking her and disrupting her routine, what if Cindy would have believed that? How long would it be before someone would have said NO, I don't believe you Casey, how could Casey predict that if it had never happened before?

I will leave you with 2 quotes from Casey herself after her arrest, I am paraphrasing here:
Cindy Anthony - "Casey I DON'T know what your involvement is,"
Casey Anthony in a very condescending tone "Mom, you don't know what my involvement is?" - as if to say - How dare you not believe me.

Casey Anthony - "I want to speak to Tony because I haven't spoken to him because I got arrested on a WHIM" - she herself can't believe that her lies are not being believed and they ACTUALLY arrested her.


Anna said...

what a sick story, thank you for piecing it all together,makes a lot of sense.....she's one twisted crazy bitch and deserves to rot in jail the rest of her miserable life.

Anonymous said...

Loud Shouts to this theory and actually taking a deeper look into Casey's depth.

Anonymous said...

I have read all the theories on the web and this is by far the best one. As new info comes in, this theory remains probable and relevant. Yet everyone is still chasing their own tales by buying into every little false bit of information that Casey puts out there. Casey is a liar. Period. Her family knows what she is capable of and they also know that she killed caylee. The anthonys only lie to protect the families public image. They clearly do not lie to protect Casey alone. If everyone would take into consideration only their behavior and not what they say then you can see that they do not truely care about Casey at all. First their only concern was to find caylee. Now their only concern is to project a good Christian family image which shows that they somehow feel guilty for the way Casey turned out. It is much easier for them to say they believe Casey than to take a good long look at themselves. They need to realize that nobody is responsible for or in control of the behavior of another person. Also, I think cma stands for "cover my a**".

Threetonb said...

I completely believe this! It is what i have been thinking, but in this articule it actually explains some stuff that i was having somewhat trouble putting together. This sounds exactly right! It all fits!
The fact that she could do this shit is freaking me out! The fact that the world has such people in it that can kiil their own flesh and blood, but worse their own child who was inside them! How do we all manage to sleep at night knowing there are such people!