Friday, October 3, 2008

Search for Caylee Anthony Continues


Tim Miller is returning to Orlando Florida to continue his search for Caylee, there are new areas of concern and Tim and his team are ready. Meanwhile Casey Anthony is asking to be allowed to travel in order to search for her daughter, but she wants to be able to travel in PRIVATE!!! Without the media or public knowing when and where she is searching.

Now, this case is going to give me ulcers if it has not already. Who do these people think they are? Does the Anthony family believe they are above the law and smarter that the FBI and detectives?

Casey Anthony waited 31 days before she got caught by her mother without her child, she may have gone longer and disappeared had it not been for her car being found and towed. It is now over 100 days that this child has been missing and Casey Anthony has only offered up lie after lie with her mommy and daddy close behind with their lies.

Now she wants us to believe she is going to search for her daughter but we are not allowed to watch her or see where she is looking?


I am so angry and I don't care if her slimy lawyer uses this as a ploy to show she "tried" to search for her child but was denied the opportunity to do so - because it is a little too late for that argument.


I will open up this post with a direct quote from Casey Anthony's lawyer, Jose Baez. Thursday, Casey's attorney said it's not in her best interest to tell what she knows about where Caylee is.

"It does her no good to show her cards to give the prosecution any advantage they have to put her away for life," Jose Baez said.

It seems all the hoopla and circle jumping Casey Anthony has done to make it appear like she remotely cares about her daughter has come to an end and served no real purpose.

Casey Anthony has claimed a babysitter by the name of Zeinada Fernandez-Gonzalez had kidnapped her daughter, she then said dangerous kidnappers had her, then changed that to the babysitter and her sister taking the baby from a park and giving her a "script" to follow. She also then just simply said she didn't know where Caylee was.

Now it seems after the FBI has officially named her a suspect, she has admitted to playing a game. Her lawyer is giving her the advice of NOT showing ALL of HER CARDS, especially if those cards could be used to send her to jail for life.

What is on those cards? There whereabouts of her baby girl's body?

Just because you are seething lying sack of manure, and you refuse to tell people where you put your murdered daughter's body it does not make you eligible for freedom. Silence does not equal winning the game.

The FBI and detectives are searching two areas, one they are searching again with cadaver dogs, which is highway 50 near where Casey Anthony abandoned her death smelling car. The other location is near the airport where her cellphone pings alerted and also where she had every reason to be as she VOLUNTEERED to pick up her friends from the airport and drop them off several times.

A witness came forward to tell police they saw a woman in a ball cap wearing a track suit coming out of the wooded area there and getting into a car that matched the description of Casey Anthony's car.

I hope Tim Miller comes back and this child is found so that this poor excuse of a human being can rot behind bars as she should.

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