Thursday, October 9, 2008

State's Attorney to take it to the Grand Jury

Casey Anthony's days of preconditioned freedom are coming to an end. Her days of walking around her parent's home spitting lies like poison and killing them slowly are now limited. Her days of shaking her ass as she walks back and forth in front of the media wearing stolen sunglasses and tight jeans, acting as if she is the latest hot trend, are soon going to be over.

I am most positive that Casey Anthony will spend the rest of her life behind bars, no makeup, no sunglasses, no boys to manipulate, no lingerie to parade around in. It will be cold and dark and the world is going to forget her, she is going to sink into obscurity and maybe years and years from now when she is an old tattered woman, she will ask for parole and I will be much older, but still alive to see that parole denied, she deserves much worse, like death.

I believe now more than ever that Casey Anthony planned to kill her daughter. In her sick and selfish mind her daughter was her property, this empty vessel that called her mama. In her mind she thought she will cause her no pain, just put her to sleep and get rid of her once and for all, so that she would be free to live her life without the constant interference from her mother and without the burden of being a mother and raising another human being.

I believe she thought highly of herself and her ability to lie and manipulate, so much so that she believed her story about the nanny, which I am sure she made up on the spot after questioning from her brother, would be believed. She thought she would win over her parents and then her mother would take on the role of searching for Caylee, but never finding her and eventually it would all be put to rest.

Maybe she thought her mother would not call the police and instead help her investigate the disappearance, it makes sense, she told her mother she spoke to Caylee that very day and Caylee was just fine. Maybe Casey Anthony thought everyone would accept that this Nanny took Caylee because she loved her and Casey wasn't too upset about it and therefore they would all just let it go.

I am convinced she drove around with her dead daughter in the trunk of her car for days if not weeks, that in itself calls for the death penalty. Recently surveillance video shows her at a Target store during the time her child was "missing" and she was supposedly investigating and trying to find her. It has been reported that with stolen money and checks from her friends, she was buying clothes, shoes, beer, food, the sunglasses she still wears to this day and yes lingerie.

Does that sound like a mother who lost her child and was searching for her day and night?
No, that sounds like a mother who murdered her child and was on a shopping spree. That little girl did not deserve to die, her death was senseless.
Caylee was loved by her grandparents and many other people who would have taken her alive and well and kept her for themselves and cared for her, Casey Anthony would have none of that, she was selfish and didn't want that child to ever bring her down, to ever be connected to her, to never again be her responsibility, to never have to see her own mother being a better mother to her child than she, that was all just too ridiculous and murdering her fit much better with the spiteful bitch's plans.

Casey Anthony's mind is a mystery to me and the fact that she has been shown so much leniency is frustrating, had this been a father who did this, he would be in jail with no questions asked.

Fianlly the State's Attorney's office will be taking its case to the Grand Jury on Oct. 14th, it will then be up to the Grand Jury to decide if the State can bring homicide charges against Casey Anthony for the murder of her beautiful little girl.

I am hoping they do and the death penalty remains on the table until she tells them where Caylee's little broken body is.

It is NOT okay to murder your child and she will NOT get away with it.

I hear she is often online searching and googling her name. If ever you come to this blog, you piece of shit, I want you to know that I can't wait to forget you. I can't wait for the world to forget you and let you rot in jail waiting for the day you die and meet your maker.

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