Thursday, November 29, 2007

How can this happen?

*Update: 11/13/07 - Parents are to be indicted and may face the death penalty.

This is the sweet face of Riley Ann..also known as Baby Grace, she was 2 years old when she died, her body found drifting in a barrel in a body of water.

My heart is breaking. I feel sick. I don't understand this world we live in where a person can harm a child let alone kill her in such a violent manner.

Kimberly Dawn Trenor, the 19 year old mother of Riley admitted to police that she and her new husband, Royce Clyde Zeigler (Riley's STEPFATHER) killed Riley and then kept her body in a shed for two months before disposing of her body in a bay.

If you don't want specifics, please stop reading here.

Riley's last day on earth must have felt like a horrible nightmare, how a 2 year old can understand what is happening to her as she is being killed is too difficult to imagine, add to that that your mother is not protecting you, but allowing it to happen just kills me.

First I want to say what a true disappointment Riley's mother is to all women and mothers and the sheer selfishness of such a person should not be overlooked or dismissed. This woman met her future husband and the future murderer of her beautiful child, ONLINE while playing WarCraft, she then moved her child from Ohio to Texas so that she can live with this low life piece of trash. This man by the name of Royce Clyde Zeigler insisted that Riley call him "SIR" and that she be forced to say "please", "yes sir" and "no sir" and he asked Kimberly that when Riley forgot to say these things that she should then beat her with a belt.

The fact that this was a 2 year old child barely getting her vocabulary together was beyond this idiot's IQ.

He eventually suspected that Kimberly was not enforcing his rules upon Riley and so he stayed home from work one day to observe her behavior. He was not happy about Riley's progress. He then beat her severely with leather belts, filled up a bathtub and repeatedly forced her head under the water, over and over again and then finally picking her up and throwing her against a wall. All the while Kimberly watched.

Riley was dead and they already had a plan to cover it up. They forged some documents and told family and friends that a social worker took Riley away because of suspected sexual abuse. Then they continued to live their happy WarCraft playing pathetic lives.

Until Riley showed up months later on a fisherman's boat.

, Royce Clyde is saying his wife is innocent of the murder and he was responsible for everything - OH HOW HEROIC.

Again it may be beyond his IQ to understand that any mother who can watch her sweet little girl be killed by a man and then help to dispose of the child and then continue to live and love this man is just, if not more to blame for her death than he is and she deserves to be burned a live in front of a crowd of women who can't have children and would have given anything to have a beautiful baby like baby Grace.

Somewhere out there right now a child is being abused and hurt or murdered, this story is just one of many.

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