Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Stacy Peterson

*Updates at bottom: * Person who helped Drew move barrel has been identified.

* New Letter Arrives....*Neighbor sees Drew and unknown man loading a barrel onto his SUV?

At 17 years old you meet a nice 47 year old married man. He listens to your problems. He is a Police Sergeant, therefore, he knows better than to get involved with a 17 year old girl, so you feel his friendship is genuine. He often comes by just to chat and help you sort through your troubles, he then tells you of his troubled marriage and you both sigh with equal dissatisfaction. Slowly, you come to realize that you like his company and you may be falling for this man. You have a crush on this man who has 30 years of experience you have yet to see. Now when he kisses your cheek you feel a twinge of love. Eventually your affair with him is more of a forbidden romance and you swear you are both in love and so it can't be wrong.

He leaves his wife for you.

Or does his wife find out you are pregnant and leave him?

Whatever, he is all yours and he promises to protect you.

You find out he was married 3 times before and now only after 8 days of being divorced from his wife, he marries you and makes you his fourth. It's ok because you are happy and you are carrying his child. The ex-wife however is wanting child support and custody of his kids, he is really stressed out and the ex-wife is just making your sweet new life impossible. He has a temper, but you know he would never use anyone of those guns he keeps in the house for harm.

Luckily, before a court date about child support, his ex-wife drowns in her bathtub. He and some neighbors find her dead in a bathtub with no water in it. The police decide the water must have drained out after she drowned. Because of some pesky rumors about the ex-wife fearing for her life after threats from her ex-husband, your husband is briefly investigated, but eventually cleared.

He is now free to live his life with you, his sweet very young fourth wife. To add to this joy, the kids get their dead mothers life insurance money, in the sum of $1 million dollars.

As the years roll by you realize quickly that he is very jealous and follows your every move, he is convinced his young wife is sleeping around. He makes you use a phone with GPS tracking and follows you when you have lunch with your sister. He is jealous of the time you spend with your loving family. You realize that you were very young when you met him and inexperienced, your family agrees. You research divorce. He is becoming really scary lately and you tell a friend to pray for you.

Now you are missing Stacy.

He says you had a fight and left the house.

He says you ran off with another man.

He says you called him and told him you were ok but that you were not coming back for your children.

He says he found your car at the airport and assumed you left the country with your lover.

He told the police that you are NOT missing, that you left on your own, just like your mother did to you when you were 15.

Where are you Stacy?

*Update - 11/7/07
Police acquired a search warrant for the home Stacy shared with her husband and children. The police were in the home gathering potential evidence for about 90 minutes. No one was at home at the time. They also plan to question her children and reopen the case of the Mr. Peterson's ex wife and they are going to exhume her body. Texas EquuSearch and Tim Miller are now involved in the search for Stacy, they are searching on horseback, through high brush and nearby bodies of water.

If you want to learn about Tim Miller and how he began EquuSearch after the murder of his daughter Laura - click here

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*Update 11/09/2007 4:16PM

Drew Peterson is now officially declared a suspect in the disappearance of his wife Stacy Peterson. The case is now about to move into a homicide investigation rather than a missing person case. They must have some evidence.

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*Update: Nov. 23

Drew Peterson claims a letter from an anonymous source was mailed to him claiming his wife was shopping in a supermarket in Florida with an unknown man and that she had a "pudge".  I guess we can close this case and move on.  The letter also claims she wasn't shopping, but was standing in the dairy section of the supermarket.  Solved.

While Stacy is staring at milk and rubbing her pudge in Florida, it seems Drew's hefty $6,000 a month pension is at risk. Law enforcement has discovered several violations and crimes he may have committed while he was a police sergeant.  They do not list these violations, but claim they are serious enough.

A new fellow has emerged stating he and Stacy traded several "flirty" emails made in "fun" that her husband may have come across.  His name is Scott Rossetto and he has now appeared before a grand jury to give his testimony.  

Most importantly a neighbor claims to have seen Drew and another man loading a large 35 gallon barrel onto his SUV.  I am most interested in this.

This video of Drew speaking to the media is so disgusting and disturbing, that I just hope Stacy is indeed in Florida, because if she is dead and he did it, then he is evil in its most purest form.

Update: 11/27/07:  There were reports of a neighbor seeing Drew and another man moving a large barrel into Drew's SUV.  Well that person has now been identified.    They have not released the name of this person, but have said this person helped Drew move a large barrel from his BEDROOM down to his SUV.  This person then tried to commit SUICIDE the next day!  Are they getting closer to solving this case?  Was it a barrel of acid?  Is that how he got rid of her small body?  Who is this person who helped him? Why is there a barrel in your bedroom?

* Updates taken from Fox news.

*Info taken from various news reports.

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