Tuesday, December 4, 2007

If only Megan knew the truth...

This beautiful 13 year old girl didn't believe she was beautiful at all. Megan was very emotional about her weight and her looks and overall acceptance of her peers. She was the classic pre-teen coming into the emotional roller coaster of high school and being a teenager, but her issues with her image added much fire to that already lit flame.

Megan's parents, aware of how fragile their daughter was were very protective and did not allow her to have a myspace page. After Megan begged and begged, they caved and let her have one, ONLY with their monitoring. Megan didn't even have the password to log on, she had to ask her parents to log her on and they saw and knew everything.

Megan had a close friend who was a neighbor, we will call her "Little Miss Drew". Little Miss Drew and Megan had a love hate relationship, but their parents remained very close and often helped each other out at times. One day when Megan and Little Miss Drew were not the best of friends and things in Megan's circle of friends were at a stand still, this seemingly dreamy boy asked to be her friend on myspace.

Megan begged her mother to please accept him as a friend. After looking at his profile, which was pretty much full and looked decent enough, Megan's mom allowed it. Megan and dream boy would speak over myspace and shared the same circle of friends online. Megan was thrilled to have a boy like her so much, he was smart, funny and sensitive and they had a lot in common.

After a while dream boy began to change, he started sending nasty hateful messages to Megan. He told her he didn't want to be her friend because he heard SHE WAS A BAD FRIEND. Megan was crushed.

Dream boy didn't stop there. He began posting bulletins to all of heir friends, calling Megan a slut and fat pig. It was humorous to all. Megan was destroyed and after her parents spoke to her about ignoring him and forgetting the entire thing, Megan agreed and then walked up to her room and hung herself from her bedroom closet.

Her parents were overwhelmed with grief. The story of Megan's death spread through the neighborhood and school. Soon Little Miss Drew and her parents were comforting Megan's parents.

Then...a child came forward, a friend of Megan's and Little Miss Drew went to her mother and confessed that she had witnessed LORI DREW (Little Miss Drew's mother) create the fake myspace dream boy in order to tease Megan and humor her daughter and her friends after Megan and her precious daughter stopped being friends.

That's right this grown ass woman, decided it would be fun and good payback to tease Megan into believing this fake boy liked her and then crush her at the height of their friendship.

Imagine this for a minute. A mother with her teen daughter and her stupid little friends huddled around a computer sending messages to Megan and laughing their asses off.

Then imagine Megan hanging from her bedroom closet.

Lori Drew and her spawn are a disgrace. There has been no apology from Lori Drew or her daughter as they feel they did nothing wrong. They believe Megan was the cause of her own suicide and the fire and push they inflicted was not a factor.

I hope she is haunted by her behavior forever.

Rest in Peace Beautiful Megan.

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