Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Beauty and the Beast. Where is Stacy?

*Update 11/13/07 - Drew Peterson set up a website asking people to donate money so that he could pay for his lawyer/defense and any money left over will go to his children in case he is sent to prison. How can he walk around with balls that big? I think it is really funny since he has not been arrested yet and there is no sign of a trial. I thought she ran off with another man DREW?

*Update: Investigators are searching an Illinois canal for clues on missing Stacy Peterson. A new search warrant was issued for the Peterson home.

I felt the need to start a new post regarding Stacy Peterson. If you would like to read my first post regarding this case, please scroll down.

Stacy Peterson is missing. She is 23 years old, quite beautiful and the mother of two young children. Her husband who is 30 years older (pictured above with Stacy and fooling around with the reporters in front of his home) says he and Stacy were fighting on the night of Oct. 28 and she left the home taking only a bikini and $25,000 in cash they had in a safe. She took off in her car and later called him and told him she was leaving him and going on a "little vacation" but more importantly that she has found someone else. Apparently, despite his history of jealousy and stalking of his 4th wife (yes his 4th, his 3rd wife died in a mystery accident) Drew Peterson was ok with her theft of $25,000 in cash and her abandonment of him and his children. He just wants to resign from the police force and enjoy his $6,000 a month pension with his kids and his motorcycle.

To Drew's dismay her family especially her sister, were not as ready to dismiss Stacy. His story then continues and he says when Stacy calls him she tells him to pick up her car from a parking lot at an airport with NO commercial flights. The airport within walking distance of their home. He did just that and then went home and decided to go on with his life.

Stacy's sister, after circling the neighborhood for hours, calls police and files a missing persons report.

Stacy has been missing for a month now. Drew Peterson laughs on camera, he acts like life is grand and the pesky media are just a bunch of idiots there to entertain him. He makes funny faces in the camera, he flirts with reporters, when asked if he is worried about Stacy or if he is helping in the search he says "he and his kids have more important things to worry about." As if their mother is some meaningless twit they could care less about.

There has been no sign of Stacy, no call to her family, no sign of her injured, no lover discovered, nothing. She is just gone and her husband thinks the fuss being made over it is really funny.

Recently, a neighbor reported seeing him and another man removing a large blue barrel from the home and loading it in his SUV. The man has come forward as Drew's stepbrother, a troubled man with drugs, emotional and alcohol problems littered through his past. The same day Stacy was last seen, he claims he helped Drew move this barrel from the couple's bedroom and that it felt "warm". He then says Drew took him to a coffee shop and left him there with a cellphone instructing him NOT to pick it up if it rang while HE DREW went to take care of a few things. The phone did ring while Drew was away and the name on the caller id read "Stacy" but per Drew's instructions, he did not pick it up. Drew returned and took his helpful stepbrother home and the next day this troubled man overdosed on antidepressants, but lived to tell about the barrel. Drew paid him a visit at the hospital.

No one knows what was discussed.

Drew denies the barrel story and everything his stepbrother has said. He hopes we all understand that you can't listen to an emotional person like his brother, like Stacy, like all of his wives, like Stacy's entire family, like every woman who has a menstrual cycle.

It certainly looks like Drew Peterson is a horrid person and that Stacy will never be found. My heart breaks for her family.

Here is the most recent video of him and his strange behavior - he is confronted with the barrel story and he says "No one helped me do anything in such a matter" - in what a matter then DREW? WHERE IS STACY!!: http://,1,3851839.story

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