Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Trusting little girls and evil adults?

I come across a lot of stories about missing or abused kids and it really pains me, I want to reach out and help save these kids or work to get the evil bastards behind bars and I have even reached out to many organizations hoping to volunteer. The stories that really send me into an angry rant are the ones where the culprit is the mother's boyfriend or a drunken stepfather.

I just can't understand how a mother can leave her little girl with a guy she just met or a husband she knows likes to push them around and get drunk. I read these stories of women leaving their little babies or daughters with the current low life in their life. Please if you have a daughter teach her how to be cautious as well. When I was little my grandmother put fear in me, she would say to me, "Don't talk to strange men, or sit on the laps of men, even the ones you know, don't play with adults by hand and if someone ever does anything to make you scared of them, run!" - This is great advice for a kid to hear, but what happens when the very people who are supposed to protect you leave you in the care of an evil waste of flesh? Where do you run? Who do you scream for?

This is the story of Rowan Ford - 9 years old.

Rowan's mother had to work a night shift and left her daughter int he care of her 25 year old husband. Her, husband, David Spears says he last saw Rowan at about 10:45PM that night, after which he and two friends went out on the town and left Rowan alone in an "unlocked house" until midnight, he made sure police new the house was "unlocked". Upon his return he states he did NOT check on the girl.

Now it gets better. He then calls his mommy and asked to borrow her car for a while. His mother comes over to the home and lets him use her car while she waits in the same home that Rowan supposedly is sleeping in, but she does NOT check on the little girl either. Her dear son is gone from 1:30AM until 7:00AM next day! He refuses to tell police where he was and what he was doing for 6 hours.

Rowan's mother gets home from work and finds her piece of crap husband asleep, she shakes him awake to ask where Rowan is. He says he has no idea. (This is the moment when my fist would have met his face)

The search for Rowan began and ended quickly as she was found in a sink hole miles away from home, straggled by an electrical cord. Rowan's good ole step dad and his loser friend have confessed to police that while under heavy intoxication and drugs they took Rowan to a filthy trailer home and raped her repeatedly and then one of them straggled her. They drove around and found the sinkhole and left her there. Together they came up with the "unlocked" door and the "I don't know where she is" excuses, but dip shit forgot his 6 hour drive in mommy's car.

I really hope they suffer in the pits of hell when the syringe is inserted in their arm.

Rest in Peace beautiful angel and be free from the hell of this world.

*Info taken from ABC News sources.

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