Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another Mother Missing - Another Husband Suspected

What is going on in North Carolina?

It seems wives and mothers are being murdered or are going missing left and right and the husbands are all telling the same story. The latest to add to that list is Kelly Morris.

Other NC Mothers:

  • Nancy Cooper found murdered after according to her husband she went jogging and vanished.

  • Janet Arbaroa murdered in her home.

  • Michelle Young murdered in her home.

  • Rose Wynn murdered in her home.

All of these women were from North Carolina and three from Raleigh, all of their husbands have been named a person of interest, circumstantial evidence points to all of them, but none have yet to be arrested.

The most recent - A mother of two young children vanished from her home and the very next day her house is burned to the ground. Her husband as many seem to do in these cases has refused to search for his wife and is not cooperating with authorities, his story and alibi are weak and he has been known to have threatened his wife before. He was the last to see her alive and has no idea what happened to her or why his house was purposely set on fire. His children of course are as safe as he is, this is the same for all the murdered women above, some of their children were even in the home during the murders and unharmed, so either there is a serial killer of mothers and wives in NC, or these husbands are becoming more confident in NC and are taking notes from each other on how to kill your wife and get away with it.

Here is what I imagine is on their how to list:

1. Do NOT cooperate with authorities.
2. Lawyer up immediately.
3. Make up whatever story comes to your head.
4. Always blame law enforcement for incompetence and a biased investigation only focused on you.

More on the newest wife and mother to vanish:
Kelly Morris a 28-year old mother allegedly according to her husband, went out the night of September 3 to find her pet dog that had gone free. He says she never came back. Of course he never called police, instead he took his kids to school the next day and went to work. On September 4th the family home was put ablaze and her car was found less than a mile from their house. Her keys, purse and cellphone were left inside the car.

Scott Morris is not cooperating with investigators.

I will keep you updated.

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