Tuesday, September 9, 2008

85 Days Missing and Presumed Dead...

Caylee Marie Anthony has now been missing three months, 84 days, twelve weeks. No one knows where this tiny 2 year old is. She is presumed dead by law enforcement as proof of decomposition was found in her 22 year old mother's car, as well as hair that that came free from a dying body, a hair that could only be little Caylee's or that of her walking breathing mother, and since Casey is alive and well, then the conclusion is, the hair came from the tiny dead body of that beautiful little girl.

Now I ask you even if what her mother is claiming is true, that she left her with some random person who is now threatening her harm and she doesn't know where she is, would it be a time to high five your brother?

Considering that science is saying that she is dead and was in your sister's car, is it a time to smile and high five your sister for good teamwork?

I have never seen anything like this, short of Scott Peterson pretending to be in Paris while on live TV attending his dead wife's vigil, I can't understand this family.

What reason do you have to make your way through a group of media and make your way into the police station and then high five each other like stupid children?

What is so fucking funny? What are you doing?

84 days missing to an unknown fate caused by the indifference and quite possibly the actions of your selfish mother and rather than cry for you, she is busy giving her brother a high five.

I hurt for you Caylee.
I am really tired of people saying Cindy is in denial, or that Lee is pretending to be Casey's friend to get information out of her. It has been 84 days and the denial stage does not last that long and no acting skill in the world would make me convincing enough to my sister who I believed in my heart killed my niece.

It is really plain to see with your own eyes and ears that this family is an arrogant bunch.
Even if they choose to believe Casey's disturbed tale of ZG taking Caylee, it has been 84 days, what do they think ZG is doing with Caylee? Taking her to the park, giving her baths and feeding her a meal of full of essential vitamins?

84 flipping days and they have no clue where she is, if she is even okay, hungry, cold, scared, being abused, if she is alone crying for her mother or grandmother, if she is being beaten or worse being forced into porn. If we are to believe that they truly believe Casey and that they don't have a clue where Caylee is, then we have to also accept that Casey is smiling, Lee is giving her high fives, Cindy and George are NOT actively and aggressively looking for Caylee. They don't know where she is and yet they are not worried that she has died or is being hurt? Their behavior is not that of a family whose child has been kidnapped by a stranger.

I have seen those families on TV, they are broken, they beg, they look terrible, they can't smile, they don't sleep, they don't eat.

What is going on with this family? Did Casey tell them something else? That Caylee died accidentaly and poor little Casey was scared to come forward and so now they know she is dead and they feel sorry for their poor excuse of a daughter, are they now able to move forward and try to protect Casey?

I choose to believe their behaviors right now are of that of a family that knows she is dead and are now moving on to save what is left of their arrogant family. I want the entire bunch of them to go down, all of them, including their dog if they have one.

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