Wednesday, September 3, 2008

80 Days and Still No Caylee

This is an update.

Casey Anthony was again arrested after being released on bond by a famous bounty hunter and bonds man. She was charged with various forgery and fraudulent charges. I will not waste too much of my post on detailing her arrest or anything she said or was wearing or anything to make her feel more famous than she does already.

It has now been 80 days since Caylee was last seen alive by her grandfather, George Anthony. It has been 79 days since she was last seen by her grandmother and she was filmed on camera visiting her great grandfather on father's day.

The preliminary results of the body farm's air sample and of the hair and stain in the trunk were leaked to the media, but have not yet been confirmed by investigators. The leak pointed to evidence that Caylee Anthony may be dead, as the air sample tested positive for decomposition in the trunk and a hair tested positive for Casey or Caylee's DNA, but was from a dead root and a dead person.

Nothing has been confirmed.

In the meantime Tim Miller of the most loved Texas Equusearch group was called in to search for Caylee. Equusearch is a group comprised of over 300 hundred members with various levels of experience and expertise, the group was started after Tim's daughter went missing in 1984. Unfortunately volunteers did not come out in record numbers to search for Caylee, most are blaming Cindy Anthony and her family for this.

Cindy Anthony refuses to search for a body and instead wanted Tim to search for a live Caylee. Tim believes Caylee is dead due to the evidence and circumstances of the case, his searches of the woods were met with furry from Cindy Anthony who claims it is a waste of time. They have not been helpful to Tim and even Caylee's own mother, "mostly spent her time online chatting with friends" while Tim spoke to the family before his searches began.

Now Cindy has gone on television claiming there is a credible tip coming from TEXAS which is where Tim and his team came from, she says they spotted Caylee in Texas, but does not release any other information about the tip, she does not tell the public what to look for, only where the tip came from.

Most are saying she is purposely throwing off the searches so that Caylee is NOT found and her daughter not face charges, this is hard for me to conceive, however her insistence that Tim and his group are causing problems searching for a dead body is really convincing me that she is not interested in finding the truth but instead pursuing this illusion that her daughter is a good mother who handed her child off to a trusted friend, who then betrayed her by taking Caylee.

Her new claim today is that the young child was given to a "family".
She is also claiming that investigators are trying to "frame" her daughter and are not working on finding her alive and therefor are putting her in danger of being killed.

Her logic is really interesting in that it touches on a possible future acceptance of her granddaughter's death, but in her mind it will not be due to something her daughter has done, but a framing of her daughter and or the murder of the child due to the media doing something to tick off this person or people who are holding her.

I keep coming back to the thought of time of death evidence, I never understood the importance of this evidence until now. If a body is not found, a person can still be brought to trial, however in this case without evidence such as time of death or cause of death, the evidence aside from the body farm stuff, will be circumstantial.

If the body is found and they determine she has been dead for at least 60 days, will this be enough to convince this woman that her daughter had a hand in this?

I just don't know what it will take to get Cindy on the right side of justice.

Is she just a grandmother who is in severe denial and refuses to believe her granddaughter is dead?

Does she truly believe Caylee is in Texas or does she just want Tim and his amazing group to leave before they find something dreadful?

If she believed Caylee was in Texas, why isn't she on a plane right now on her way to see for herself and speak to the tipster?

How long will this all drag out? How long will the mother of the child be the puppeteer of her family?

How long will Caylee be out there alone and quiet.

It has been 80 days.

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