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102 Days No sign of Caylee - Discovery Documents Overview

Yesterday, over 500 new pages of documents were released to the public, however only 327 pages can be found online. These pages are the sworn statements of Casey's brother Lee and her circle of friends, Amy, Will, Jesse, Ricardo and her boyfriend Tony.

After reading these pages the scope and magnitude of lies and manipulation brought upon by Casey becomes clear.
I will just give you my thoughts on some of the information found in these pages.

Lee Anthony tells of the mother daughter relationship:

Lee Anthony's statements that Cindy and Casey had a turbulent relationship, is nothing new and nothing that we could not have guessed, however, the amount of disrespect they each had for each other and the flip flopping of love and hate is crucial to this case. Stuck in the middle of these combating women was an innocent child, who did not ask to be born, who does not deserve to be missing and possibly even dead. It is clear that Caylee was a pawn used by both of them to hurt each other, but only one of these women actually loved her and that was Cindy Anthony.

From these interviews you find out many times where Casey is out with friends but has to leave early because her mother is calling her and asking her to come home and be a mother to Caylee. There is an instant where Caylee is sleeping over Ricardo's house in his bed with Caylee and Cindy Anthony calls and asks Casey to bring Caylee home. Casey brings Casey home to her mother and then returns to his house.

Cindy Anthony refers to Caylee as the "best mistake Casey has ever made, however, makes it clear that she was Casey's mistake" and that is really Casey's responsibility. This is something really powerful, because if Cindy Anthony wanted Caylee for herself and yet also wanted Casey to be a good mother, but then took over the role herself and then tried to force Casey to be a mother, it is clear that this was an ongoing battle that just eventually erupted.

There are times when she has to cancel plans to take care of Caylee all of these things stop after June 15th. After June 15th she has a nanny and only breaks plans in order to be with new friends instead of her old ones, never is the excuse Caylee.

It is clear that Casey just never wanted to be a mother, she told Jesse that she felt like she was missing out because she was a mother and she couldn't do things freely.
For the first time Casey was on her own in June, no mother to take on the role of parent while she hung out. Instead of going back to her mother and giving her Caylee and saying, "Mom I just don't want to be a mother, please take her," she chose something else, a different terrible option.

July 15th - According to Lee Anthony
Lee says his mother was frantic and on July 15th when she found her lying thieving daughter in the home of an unknown new boyfriend when she was supposed to be in Jacksonville with her grandchild, the world crumbled and their nightmare began.

Cindy Anthony was angry she told Casey's boyfriend that she hopes he is rich because Casey is going to leave him "high and dry". Casey responded by telling her mother to "Shut up".

Casey wasn't in Jacksonville and she didn't have Caylee with her.

Imagine being Cindy Anthony for a moment. The last time you hear from your daughter she tells you she is going to Jacksonville with your grandchild, who you have not see or spoken to in a month. Then you get a notice that your daughter's car was towed because it was abandoned, you go pick up this car and the smell of death is coming from the trunk in "waves". You don't have the key and you don't know what is in the trunk, but you know the car is supposed to be in Jacksonville with your child. That moment before the trunk is opened all of your fears rush to meet you and then nothing, no bodies, just the horrid smell and hungry maggots.

You instead find your daughter sitting in some guys house with not a worry in the world.

Cindy Anthony according to Lee, insisted that Casey take her to pick up Caylee. Casey tells her mother that Caylee is safe and warm and asleep and disrupting her routine will be damaging and they can go pick her up in the morning.

Cindy Anthony's gut is telling her something different, the smell of death and the sting of lies are burning a whole in her stomach and she wants to put an end to all of it, by seeing her grandchild.

Casey refuses to give a location for Caylee or the Nanny. Cindy Anthony is convinced something has happened to Caylee, she even tells Casey, "if you lied to me about going to Jacksonville, how do I know you are not lying about where Caylee is?"

Her brother Lee intervenes and tells her to just tell him where to go and he will just look upon Caylee to make sure she is okay and he will not even wake her.

Cindy Anthony does not want that she says she "wants to hold Caylee". This broke my heart, Cindy is out of her mind with concern and the only thing that will ease her, is holding her grandchild, the one she raised and fed and looked after until June 15th, when Casey left the home and did whatever she did to cause the death or vanishing of this child.

Casey sitting in her room on her bed will not budge, she will not give up and an hour goes by.

Lee is confused, he doesn't understand why his sister will not tell them where Caylee is. Cindy Anthony threatens to call the police and have Casey arrested for theft unless she tells them where Caylee is.

Lee then asked his sister, "How are you benefiting from not telling us where she is, if you get arrested how is that good for you? Why won't you tell us?"

Casey responds, maybe for the first time telling the truth, "because I am a spiteful bitch".

After this angry outburst, Lee plays out what will happen once the police get there. The police will not accepted that she is a spiteful bitch. They are going to want answers. Casey at this point realizes he is right and the manipulation begins.

Casey begins to say that maybe this is meant to happen, that she SHOULD get arrested and maybe it is about time, since she is a terrible mother, daughter, and sister. She starts pulling at her brother's heartstrings, she knows where they are and how to pull them.

I believe at this time she is making up the babysitter kidnapped my baby story. Then she begins to cry and tells Lee Zanny the nanny took Caylee.

Cindy punches her fists on the bed and screams "What have you done".

Lee Anthony helps the police with their investigation, he repeatedly states the smell of the car is overwhelming, overpowering, horrible. He says he went back to pick up Casey's things at her boyfriend's house and found all of Casey's things packed perfectly. He says he can't believe his sister packed those bags, he is convinced she didn't.

Among his sisters things there are NO diapers for Caylee, there are NO clothes for Caylee, there is nothing for Caylee in her things. Diapers and Caylee's baby doll were found in the abandoned car, the car was abandoned on June 27, it was now July 15th.

When they go through Caylee's room back home, they find all of her things there, her clothes, her toys, her shoes. On June 15th, when Casey left the home she didn't take any of Caylee's things. Caylee left that house with only the clothes on her back.

They also find Cindy Anthony's missing credit cards and cash.

EMAILS & Comments: Lee states that Casey's Yahoo email account was completed deleted along with all of her emails, it was deleted on July 15th. Comments left and made by Casey on networking sites facebook and myspace were erased from June to July.

The Gas Cans: Lee Anthony says, Casey did indeed steal Gas Cans from her parents and then returned the cans later that month and said to her father: "Here are your fucking Gas Cans".

This of course contradicts George Anthony's statements about his pleasantries with his daughter and the way he caught her with the cans as he opened her trunk and found them while looking for a tool.

Tony Lazzaro & Friends:

Tony met Casey in May, online, due to facebook.

She listed herself as a student at Valencia College, this of course was a lie as she was not registered at Valencia and never even received her high school diploma. He liked her and she was absolutely crazy about him and she began painting herself as a responsible woman, a woman attending college with a good job as an event planner and a mother with an awesome Nanny. At the time it is important to note that Casey was still sleeping with her ex-boyfriend Ricardo and still stringing along her ex-fiance Jesse and about to meet another gentleman William she would be flirting with while dating Tony.

Tony met and saw Caylee about three times since they met in May, but by June 15, Caylee was practically living with the Zanny Nanny and Casey was living with him. During this time Casey was lying to her friends about almost everything from her father having a stroke and her not being able to help a friend out, to her parents getting divorced, to her mother handing her the house, to Caylee being potty trained, the lies are endless.

In late June she asks Jesse if she can used his shower, since her boyfriend is out of town and she did not want to go home to see her parents. Jesse claims she looked clean and put together and the shower was strange.

By July 5th, according to Tony, she is waking up in cold sweats and having nightmares at night. She tells him the nightmares are about their relationship.

All of her friends attest to her dropping off the radar from June 16 to June 30th when she shows up on Amy's door step asking to stay with her while Tony is out of town. No Caylee.

None of her friends or family have ever met this nanny or have even seen or heard her talking to this nanny or calling to check on Caylee. It is clear to all of them that she was lying to everyone about her whereabouts depending on who she was hanging with.

Amy said she had a different face and world for each friend, Jesse called her a chameleon and a diabolical liar.

Late June she begins telling the story about the smell in her car being dead squirrels trapped in the engine. She offers up this information as a matter of fact without being prompted.

It seems all of her friends and especially her family believes she did something to Caylee. So what changed today? Why are they on her side?

Jesse Grund offered many theories to what happened. He told investigators that Casey would often leave Caylee alone for long periods of time, while she was on the computer or talking on the telephone. He said Caylee used to eat rocks and dog food when unattended and quite possibly may have choked or drowned in the family pool and Casey he believes may have had a mental break down and lossed all sense of reality, making up the nanny and eventually believing it. His theories would make sense and I used to feel this way, but there is only one problem.

Casey never took any clothing or supplies that are required in order to take care of a 2 year old child. When she left her parent's home on June 16th she took her own clothing and her own supplies, but not one item for Caylee. This means she was never intending on keeping Caylee around long enough to change her clothes or shoes or even her diapers. That to me smells like premeditation.

I want to know what changed? Why are the Anthony's now believing their daughter? What if they are not believing her, but keeping her calm?

My heart breaks for Cindy Anthony and only Cindy.

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