Monday, April 13, 2009

State Attorney's Office Seeks Death for Casey Anthony

The State Attorney's office has now flipped on seeking death for Casey Anthony.  It was made clear a few months ago that they would not seek the death penalty for the young mother, but today it all changed.

The state attorney's office is citing "sufficient aggravating circumstances" as a reason for changing the game plan.

This means that Jose Baez, her lead attorney, will not be able to defend her at trial, he is not qualified to lead a death penalty case.  In my opinion he is not qualified to lead a pack of monkeys into the jungle, but a digress.

I wonder what caused this turn of events?  Is it new evidence of guilt recently returned from the lab? Like DNA or blood on Casey's shoes? Maggot tests results back? Toxicology on the baby that shows she was poisoned with chloroform?

I am sure the spectacle her parents made during those depositions didn't help her cause, the obvious lies and cover up for their daughter must have infuriate a lot of people at the state's attorney's office.

Is this a call to Casey to take a plea deal and confess or face death and eternal damnation?

Will she confess? 

Will she shake in her sleep tonight and awaken in a cold sweat?

Will her parents still go on Oprah as they are planning to? (Yes they are scheduled to appear on Oprah during the MAY sweeps).

If anyone deserves death, it is a mother who murder's her child leaves her in the trunk of her car while she goes out to party, then throws her in the woods and continues to cook for her new boyfriend and go about her days lying to her family, getting her nails and hair done and getting tattoos while smoking pot all the while her baby is alone in the woods with not one person on her side.

I am very skeptical about the death penalty, but sometimes it is clear when a murderer deserves the ultimate punishment.

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