Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sandra Cantu Case: Who are the suspects?

As I reported last night, the body of little 8 year old Sandra Cantu was found in a suitcase submerged in an irrigation pond 2 miles from her trailer park home from where she vanished last week.

Yesterday, two dairy farmers were draining the pond as is often done to transfer water to another area of the farm, to their surprise; a suitcase began to reveal itself at the edge of the pond, a suitcase that was NOT there 10 days ago when the pond was filled.

They immediately called authorities.

The Tracy police department did not take any chances and investigated cautiously after being ridiculed for not alerting the media at the start of the investigation and waiting 10 hours before getting out a description of Sandra onto the local outlets.

Instead of walking over to the suitcase and opening it up to see what was inside, they meticulously gathered evidence leading up to the suitcase and pond. They crawled on their hands and knees and gathered what looked like miniscule particles off the dirt road. They photographed tire marks and indents in the dirt; they created a grid and took steps to preserve everything.

They did this before even opening the case.

The media had a helicopter flying above in a restricted air space, live feeding this visual online to us websleuths.

I watched on and off for hours as they did this and I wondered why the case wasn’t opened.

I waited several more hours for the live press conference. Then finally they somberly announced that they had found Sandra Cantu in that suitcase.

Another little girl murdered.

Now it is time for the Tracy police to get the person or people who are responsible for this horrid crime.

The media received the last known video footage of Sandra Cantu on surveillance video, skipping away from her trailer park home in the beautiful sunlight; this video is heartbreaking as we watched an innocent child in her most vulnerable state wandering around with no clear indication of where she was going. It almost seemed like she herself didn’t know where to go next. She seemed bored and at peace.

So was this a crime of opportunity? What happened after she disappeared from view? What monster did she run into? What darkness occurred during that sunny afternoon?

Everyone is a person of interest:

The first person of interest is Mr. Wohler, a resident at the trailer park and a man who at the age of 60 thought it was okay to walk over to a then 5 year old Sandra and kiss her on the mouth at the residential pool. The family filed a complaint and Wohler claimed it was an innocent kiss. He also states he tried to stay away from Sandra, but she would often come to his home and ask to help with his garden, in which he immediately would tell her no.

The second group of people of interest are the Synclairs, a couple of cousins, who are often in trouble with the law and are the known trouble makers at the park. Law Enforcement found trouble with one of these cousins when they tried to search some of their vehicles; they were met with anger and shouts and hindering, which ended with the arrest of one these men for obstruction of justice and interfering with a police investigation. Property, cars and mobile homes were searched more than twice in regard to this pair of outlaws.

Moving on now to Mr. Slayter a man who many say spent time with Sandra playing video games in his home, who some say was too friendly with the child. He claims he recently warned Sandra about “other adults”, however his home was searched and rumor is, he was removed and taken in for further questioning.

Most recently my sources tell me that a church and its back shed was searched and closed off in a similar way to how a crime scene is sealed off to the public. It is a known fact that Sandra had wanted to go to church that evening and then to a movie, but quickly determined she didn’t have enough money for a movie. So did she leave her home to go over to the church? Is the pastor now in question? Or are the Tracy police again leaving no stone uncovered? Did someone lure her to the shed?

The suitcase is interesting as it shows the perpetrator’s attempt at concealing her during transport or concealing her from others. I believe this person used the suitcase in order to leave his home with the body of Sandra without being seen or suspected of anything. I also believe this person did not think she would be found and that others, either family members or neighbors saw this person with this piece of luggage and did not think anything of it.

So who was seen that day with luggage? More importantly who is missing a piece of luggage?

Also, this person left her 2 miles from her home, which also tells me this person had to hurry back to be someplace and did not have time to drive further away for a better spot. The ponds were his first and only choice. Too bad he didn’t know the ponds are often drained and refilled.

The murderer here is an unskilled opportunist who committed this impulsive crime with no plan. He will be caught.

Rest in Peace little Sandra.


Anonymous said...

March 27 2009
I am devastated about Sandra Cantu. I stand with everyone and pray that who ever ended her life is caught. I wanted to add to your time line that not many people know. The Day that Sandra was reported missing. There was a funeral for a Tracy Police officer. That the majority of local law enforcement participated in and were occupied with. As you read the article above. Over 20,000 Tracy residents viewed the funeral precession. The funeral precession was in the same area of Sandra's home.
Thank you for your Blog. I am praying for Sandra and that Justice is Served in her name.

Ashley-darling said...

My attention is to the suitcase at this point it plays the main role- of finding the suspect... It could most likely be someone who travels linking to The preist who travels or in the community devloping relationships with others, but i think a big suitcase for him would not go undetected.. As for the martial arts man he must travel for competition right? I mean why go out and by such a big suit case that could be linked to you, especially in such a small commuinity. It had to be lying around...Yes, the person could of known the area well but if he knew the area well he should of known they drained the pond often...

Anonymous said...

they should either bring back the electric chair or create a new punishment....burning at the stake.