Friday, June 6, 2008

Neil is a monster.

*Update  at the end of this post.

There are people who live wrapped up in lies.  They continue to add to these lies over the years until they are overwhelmed by them. 

There are men, fathers and sons who feel they have to maintain an image of perfection, of wealth of education.  

The reality is that they are uneducated, poor, unsuccessful, lazy, evil, selfish, pathological and murderous.

Unfortunately,  Rachel fell in love with an illusion.  She thought Neil was the answer to a happy life.  That he would take care of her and love her.  Instead, Neil put a bullet in her head while she slept and then put a bullet through the stomach of his 9 month old innocent baby girl, oh wait he ALLEGEDLY did these things. 

Rachel I am sure was assured constantly that financially they were okay, but the truth was that Neil was a lazy con artist who lied to her about all things money.  He tried all kinds of "get rich quick" schemes, he tried his hand at porn sites, he swindled money from eBay users and although he didn't have a penny to his name, he wanted to live as though he did. 

It all came crashing down when the addition of a baby and a beautiful rented home in Massachusetts became demanding.  He couldn't keep up with the finances, Rachel was getting worried. 

It is unknown when he decided to kill his wife and child, but it IS KNOWN that he used his computer to search on "how to kill someone" and while he was at it he searched for escort services.  On a side note, it is really bizarre to me how most wife killers search out sex either before the murder of their wives or immediately after Ala Scott Peterson.  I may write a blog post on how many cases this seems to come up.  It seems having sex with whores makes them feel better about how much of a piece of shit they are.


Neil was found in England at his parent's house after the bodies of his wife and child were discovered still holding each other in their bed.  It was a strange thing to find him in another country while friends and family were trying to find Rachel.

Neil told police he came home and found his wife and child dead and that he freaked out and drove to his father in laws house to borrow a gun to KILL HIMSELF with, but found the house locked and chickened out of suicide, so instead he went to the airport, leaving his wife and baby to rot in their home and flew to mommy and daddy's house, of course not telling them what he had discovered.

Too bad for Neil that his DNA was found on a .22 caliber pistol belonging to his father in law and too bad for him that Rachel's DNA was found on the muzzle.   Also a copy of house keys were found in his car which he left at Logan airport, the keys were for his father in law's home. 

So let's recap:

1. Neil is a piece of crap liar, lazy con man.
2. He was in total and utter debt.
3. He googled "how to kill" (this always surprises me, how dumb can you be?)
4. He had access to the very house he said was locked.  He had access to the gun.
5.  His DNA was found on the murder weapon.
6. Rachel's DNA was found on the murder weapon.
7. The murder weapon was placed back in the home where it was taken Ala MATCH POINT the movie.
8. His story was ridiculous.
9.  He fled to another country.

Neil is on trial now and his plea is NOT GUILTY.  

* After the defense claimed Rachel was depressed and killed her baby then herself, the jury found Neil guilty and sentenced him to two life terms without parole.  

My heart goes out to his seriously blinded by love parents who still believe he is innocent and then on the same turn I am disgusted by them actually saying at a press conference that Rachel killed their granddaughter.   

Rachel was found huddled and cuddled with her baby, the bullet to her head barely moved her, the bullet that pierced her baby went through her, the fact that her body did not move after the shock of that first bullet proves she was asleep, also idiots what did she do with the gun?  I guess after she killed herself, she drove to her parent's house leaving the weapon there, then drove back home to lay and die with her baby.

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