Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Men who kill their wives...

Matt Grezt was a very good liar, but he was not good at covering up the crime scene and he did NOT commit the perfect murder.  Science and the advances in DNA testing have put many criminals in jail and have freed many innocent people.

Matt was married to Kira.  Kira was an Art student at the Minneapolis School of Art and Design, she was pretty, dark and the typical cool artsy type.  He was the typical insecure talentless coward, who lived in her it seems.   

On June 28, 2007 Kira and Matt's landlord found the 32 year old woman dead in the apartment they shared.  It was gruesome.   She had been severely beaten with a hammer and stabbed 15 times in and around her neck.  There was blood everywhere.  Matt claimed he left early that morning for a business trip.  Then at his wife's vigil he was recorded saying the following.
"Since my wife was murdered each day it gets a little harder in some ways." - hmm, in some ways?

Here is a link to the video of him at the vigil. 

Neighbors said they heard arguing coming from their apartment that morning, they heard a man scream out "Do you still love me?" 

They heard a woman scream and then silence.  I guess her answer was NO.

Matt flew to New York, he flew with blood on his luggage, on his shoes, shirt and he left his skin under Kira's fingernails.  His lies caught up with him and there was no denying he was the killer.  Almost a year to the date Matt has pleaded guilty.

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