Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Taken from her bed..

UPDATE: DNA MATCH. Scroll down for update.

You would think falling asleep at a friend's house, surrounded by friends, would be relatively safe right? Well, no, not if the house is unlocked and you are 5 foot nothin and 98 pounds. A stranger can come in and pick you up and drag you away, in silence, in shadow and without awakening anyone. Scary, but this is what her friends want us to believe.

Brianna Denison, 19 is missing. She was a college student from Santa Barbara California and was home in Reno for weekend celebrations tied to Martin Luther King day, it was an annual thing she and her friends did. She and her friends arrived at the house shared by many students at about 4AM after some partying, her friend gave her a pillow and a huge teddy bear to use as an additional pillow. They all fell asleep, it has been reported that none of the girls were intoxicated (really??).

At about 10:30 am the next day her friends awaken to an empty bed and a somewhat bloody pillowcase, the huge bear missing along with Brianna. She was missing, but her shoes, purse and cell phone remained. The house was left unlocked (really??) and so the perp had no need to bother with breaking and entering (lucky break).

Currently law enforcement are looking into 100 sex offenders in the area, they have set up a tip line and the parents are offering a $100,000 reward for her whereabouts. I pray that they find this girl, but it looks grim.

My two cents:

1. Someone is lying. The teddy bear that is missing is 2 feet tall. The blood on the pillowcase has been described as "drops". This tells me that the bear wherever it may be has large amounts of blood/evidence on it and needed to be removed along with Brianna. Otherwise there is NO reason for a kidnapper to carry a 5 foot 98 pound girl and her 2 foot tall teddy bear out of the house.

2. How do you make someone bleed quietly and such a small amount and why risk a scream? If you are a perp and you want to kidnap a young girl, you are very lucky to find the door open, you are very lucky that between 4AM and 10:30AM most of the house was in a coma. You then attack this young girl enough to make her bleed a little, but not scream and you carry her out without being seen. This tells me, you know the house and are able to make your way in the dark, you took your chances that everyone was asleep (maybe you knew this ahead of time) and you also had some type of weapon that was silent. Maybe, chloroform? Can that cause nosebleeds?

3. My hunch is someone in that house did something to Brianna or maybe someone that was at the party followed them home. But someone is lying.

UPDATE: 1.28.08
DNA found at the scene matched DNA found at another crime scene early in December. A college student in the same neighborhood was sexually assaulted in December and the same perp is consider to be the guy at the scene of Brianna's disappearance. They are interviewing the victim in the December attack and are looking for a pick up truck seen in the area. Now, they just have to find the actual person who left his DNA at both crime scenes. I find it most perplexing that the December victim is alive, when did this perp move to kidnapping and not releasing the victim after the assault? Or is there a chance Brianna is still alive?

I will keep you updated.

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