Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The face of evil..

Look at this face. This is the face of Gary Michael Hilton. To me, it is pure evil and maybe that of a serial killer. He is 61 years old, the age of many Grandpas in this world and yet he is very dangerous. I would think that I, as a 29 year old woman, would be able to fight off a 61 year old man, but I would be wrong and so was Meredith Emerson 24.

Meredith left her house on January 1st to go hiking with her dog Ella. Witnesses state that they saw Meredith speaking with an old man who also had a dog on the day she went missing. She and Gary Hilton were talking and walking while their two dogs played up ahead. Seeing this as a passerby would not make me suspicious....ok maybe it would, because I am crazy and always assume old men or strange men in general who ask me questions may be murderers. Anyway, to a NORMAL person this was not a strange sight. To Meredith it may have been friendly conversation with an older man and his dog.

When and how this pleasant hike turned into murder and torture is the big question. While they were walking did he suddenly say something inappropriate? Did he suddenly attack her and overpower her? How did he manage to kidnap her?

Kidnap her he did. He took her to his van where they are reporting she was alive for 3 days! He then hit her over the head and decapitated her when he was done with her. He drove 50 miles away and dumped her in the forest.

What leads me to believe he may not be a serial murderer is the fact that he left her wallet and her dog at a convenience store where he made a call from a public phone and then tried to take money out of her ATM card. I don't think a serial killer would risk being caught, unless he was done killing and ready for the attention.

Other evidence was found in his van, physical evidence which will confirm his fate. He made a deal with the DA and in exchange for them not seeking the death penalty, he lead them to Meredith's body.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. DA,

I think it is ok to agree to his exchange and then change your mind later and fry him anyway.


This man does not deserve any leniency! Next time you meet a nice old man in the park who wants to talk, remember that even if you think you can overpower him, EVIL is very strong, stronger and more determined than you can ever imagine.

I seriously assume every weird stranger is a killer and that hopefully will keep me safe.

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