Monday, June 30, 2014

Because I think of them every day...Who killed the McStays?

*Update: Joey's Business partner Chase Merritt has been charged with the murders of the McStays and is currently awaiting his trial to begin.  Now that I am back, I want to dedicate an entire post to the reveal of this monster, but didn't want to leave this blog sitting here without the answer the question.  The first person who came to mind when they went missing to me was Chase Merritt, the business partner to see him last and who last spoke to him. Along the way Chase Merritt took it upon himself deflect, make up stories and pretend to be a hero.  Until his mountain of lies fell apart.

There are cases that I am passionate about and think of often and give my time to and then I do my best to put out of my head in order to live in the sun and keep the darkness at bay.

Then there is the McStay case. My heartbeat speeds up when I talk about them. When I think of the McStays, I become obsessed; I go through every scenario every possibility. I think of the call logs, the timeline, the people in their lives, the lies, the rumors, their videos etc. They come alive, they become people I know, then I relive their deaths, they are gone, someone killed them, and buried them in the desert. Who did this? Why? I take a deep breath.

The Internet is full of finger pointing. There is a short list of characters that many feel could be responsible for this crime with long explanations of why these people would do this; for money, out of envy, over a family dispute, but no one has asked the question, are those people capable?

Can a person who knew them, knew their voices, their children's sweet faces, be capable of killing these babies while a mother and father pleads for their lives?

Was Joseph's business such a financial treasure that if it was over money it was necessary they kill the kids? Was the anger or envy felt toward Joseph or Summer so great that it would drive a normal person to not only kill them, but their small children?

In the world we live in, we know people do evil things, parents kill their own kids, boyfriends kill their girlfriends and husbands kill their families. Cases like those make more sense to me, because the situation is personal and in most cases it is a selfish act, an act to punish the living a spouse or yourself. I try to apply that thinking to the McStay case and it always fails to make sense that a friend, family member, or business partner would have felt it necessary to kill the kids and even Summer.  Self preservation is a term always tossed around, that one if not both of the McStays were about to reveal something damaging about a family member, friend or business partner and they had to be silenced, that the kids were collateral damage.

I could buy that, but you could silence the parents and leave the children sleeping in their beds.  There would have been more reasoning, pleading with them to be silent, there would have been some type of residue left over of the the scandal, someone else would have known, exposed, an email trail, a phone call luring them out of the house. SOMETHING!

The public may know less than law enforcement, but up until those bodies were found law enforcement thought the family left of their own free will, that tells me there was no whisper of bad deals, secrets to be revealed etc.  Just a horrific crime committed in deafening silence.

I asked myself, what kind of criminal kills children? What kind of criminal tries to conceal their crimes when not readily pursued? What criminal doesn't leave a paper, electronic trail and jumps instead at an opportunity they create for themselves?  What type of criminal takes advantage of vulnerable people? The McStays were vulnerable, they kept to themselves, kids home schooled, in a new house, no friends nearby, no one dropping by as we know by the massive amount of time it took to even realize they were missing.

Who is this criminal by design?

A child sexual predator. Could this be?

It is often discussed that it looked like the family left in a hurry, because food was left out.

It is known that Joseph McStay was out of the home most of the day, leaving at 11am or so, we know that afternoon Summer talked with her sister, went online and did normal things that can be documented.

This was a new home in a new neighborhood, they were remodeling, they were painting etc.

They did not know anyone.

This is key in my mind.

We have a family who used Craig’s list often for deals. They were Internet users and had a YouTube channel.

We know that the last sighting of their vehicle could be seen leaving their home the evening of February 4th. It doesn't return.

A chilling thought is what if there was a neighbor in their area, someone who met them on the street, who watched them, knew they had kids, and knew Joseph left Summer alone. How easy for this predator to gain access to the home. A knock on the door? A helping hand?

What if Summer and Joey were not the intended targets? What if it was the children?

There would be no email trail, call log and Internet search left behind by a predator in your neighborhood knocking on your door and tying you up, then overpowering your husband when he arrived.

The Isuzu was found by the border four days after it was capture leaving the driveway, the McStays were found buried in the desert miles and miles from their home with their children.

I am guessing it took this predator four days to clean up his mess.

I think the detectives should be looking at neighbors who were off their schedule that week, or day laborers in that area who may have offered Summer a hand.

A child predator would have no issue killing children. A knock at the door doesn't leave a trail.

This is just another theory and we have to remember these were real people, a real family.  Like you and me.

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