Wednesday, October 21, 2009

57 Registered Sex Offenders in a 3 mile radius of Missing Somer Thompson.

UPDATE: The child found in the Georgia Landfill was indeed little Somer. The search for her killer continues.

Yes, 57 registered sex offenders living in a three-mile radius and then an additional 37 when expanding to a 5 mile radius of where little 7 year old Somer Renee Thompson disappeared on her way home from school on Monday in Orange Park, FL.

Can I ask why there isn’t a law to limit the amount of sex offenders living in a specific county or community? What keeps these offenders from overpowering a neighborhood and living dangerously close to schools, libraries and parks where kids often frequent? Can’t we keep the most dangerous and serious offenders from acquiring a driver’s license, library card and other items that can make their hunt for kids easier. I honestly do not believe in rehabilitation for sex offenders and I fully understand that an 18 year old boy can have sex with a 16 or 17 year old girl and become a sex offender and have to register, but I am not talking about him. I am talking about the ones who hurt little children the ones who commit aggravated assaults, the ones who groom the kids and abuse them for years, the monsters who shatter lives, who take them off the streets, the most dangerous repetitive predators.

Somer was walking home from school with her twin brother and her 10 year old sister as she does every day, but on this day she fought with her brother and ran up ahead of the group, she passed one crossing guard, but between that one and the next, Somer vanished.

Leaving school at 2:50pm they had to walk a mile before arriving home and with 57 registered sex offenders and an additional 37 that could easily make the drive there, how does a school not offer a bus service to all children? Of course to add to the danger of this mile walk is the neighboring woods that could have easily served as a hiding place for a potential predator.

I remember my own son, who attended school 14 blocks away from our home, I tried to sign him up for bus service and was told he had to live 16 blocks from the school, so he missed it by 2 blocks and because of this as a working mother I was forced to figure out how to get him home safely. On some days he had no choice but to walk alone at 11 years old and I held my breath at work for those 10 minutes, bought him a cell phone and tried to arrange for him to walk with other students as far as he could, but in my heart I felt like I was putting him at risk. This is not a way to live, but it is the reality of our world. There are evil, sick people out there and children should not walk home alone, period.

Shouldn’t a school be aware of the amount of offenders surrounding them and then take precautions jointly with parents to ensure the safety of the children during the exchange of hands?

The investigation: Currently, police are searching a landfill in Georgia where the garbage from Clay County is dumped, they are saying it is only procedural, however, I know that it takes lots of time and money and is extremely dangerous to search landfills. Law Enforcement would not be doing this just because they want to cross it off some list.

I hope and pray that Somer ran into the woods to hide from her brother because she was mad at him. I hope and I pray.

There is a $25,000 reward. The amazing Texas EquuSearch is now on the scene and hopefully Tim Miller can bring this baby home. He is my hero.

If you have any information, please contact Clay County Tip Line: 877-227-6911 or


Rosemary said...

It has been a long time since you've posted.. I've missed reading your blog, but I must admit sometimes it's just so sad. I imagine it's hard for you to write about some of these things, too...

Nikra said...

I have to do more. Writing about it is not enough anymore, I need to be a part of stopping these crimes against children. There needs to be more attention on sex offenders and heavier sentences and better monitoring of them. I need to bring people together and go scream on the steps of Washington.

Anonymous said...

Whether there was one known or 100 known does not seem to matter. I highly doubt that 57 of them got together, abducted this girl and then took their turns with her. Also, while doing your research, did you look into their crimes? In come places, urinating in public gets you labeled as a sex offender. I think more research will be needed before you scream on the steps of Washington.
I admire your ideals and I think more does need to be done but know that before you sign up to be the crusader you need to think like both sides and have solid evidence to back you up. In this case, the burden of proof will lie with you.

Nikra said...

Anonymous - I did do my research about the 57 sex offenders in Somer's area as a matter of fact all of them were serious sex offenders. One of those is actually a prime suspect and is now facing jail time for child molestation over 20 cases of molestation. I take this very seriously and I don't think anyone should be showing their privates in person while taking a piss. It takes an actual conviction for someone to be registered as a sex offender -so please YOU do YOUR research.