Monday, June 22, 2009

Caylee Anthony: Autopsy Report

The results and full autopsy report was released to the public against the Anthony family's wishes.  

It arrived in 36 pages, ready for all crime writers to dissect.  It is available for everyone to read and gulp with every morbid detail.  It is very difficult to believe it has been a year since that little angel was taken from the world.  All of her future experiences erased, no children to raise, no husband to meet and marry, no wedding, no friends in school, no science projects or book reports, no more more.

I strongly believe her life was taken by her mother in the most cruel and simple way.  No drugs to numb Caylee, no poisons to put her calmly to sleep forever, instead just barbaric disposal.

I have the read report and the three most revealing and important finds are that there were no drugs in Caylee's hair and bones.  Her body was completely skeletonized so it is impossible that Casey ever received any calls from Caylee during the time she was missing.  Her time of death was immediately after she was seen alive, but the most damaging and heartbreaking part of the report is the description of the duct tape that was place not only over Caylee's mouth, but also over her nasal passages and that this act was done before the body began to decompose. In other words, while she was still alive.

Basically, the only reason to place duct tape over a person's mouth is to keep that person from screaming or crying, the only reason to place tape over a person's nasal passages is to keep that person from breathing and the only reason to do both is to murder that person.

In this case that person is a 2 year old girl.

I believe the reason the death penalty was put back on the table against Casey Anthony is because it became clear to the State Attorney that Casey Anthony simply wrapped her daughter's mouth and nose in duct tape and kept her from breathing until she died.  I can further speculate that she then just tossed her her daughter into the trunk of her car that very last night she was seen alive and left her there while she went to Blockbuster with her boyfriend, all the while her daughter is unable to breath in a locked hot car.

By morning Casey realized what she had done, convinced herself to forget the entire thing and left her daughter in that car for several days until the smell became unbearable and that was when she removed her, got a tattoo to express her new free life and then decided to break ties with her parents for good.

Read the report here: Autopsy Report


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