Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jason Young: The Unraveling of a Murderer

A new warrant was released in the Michelle Young case.

The case of a pregnant North Carolina mother who was brutally beaten to death in her bedroom, while her 2 year old daughter was at home and remained unharmed.

Her husband, Jason Young has always been a suspect. He is the only person to have the means, motive and opportunity. The orchestration of this well thought out murder was so cleverly done that it is still taking law enforcement time to piece it all together. However, the manner in which she was killed, was brutal, disgusting and was conducted with severe hatred of Michelle. A crime that many thought didn’t seem to fit in with Jason, a husband who loved his family. I always knew he wasn’t the loving husband he claimed to be and with the new warrant released we can get a glimpse into the revelation of the real Jason Young who is capable of beating his wife until she was unrecognizable.

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View the new warrant.

Here is a snip of an email Jason Young sent to his wife in July, on a day when Michelle Young had to run errands and left Jason with their young daughter:

"I am taking a beer and her to pool. I am in a mood that makes our trip to myrtle [sic] seem mild, pray the beer kicks in," the e-mail states. "I could kill u [sic] for not letting me finish the yard work this morning."

Now, you may think the above email, could be a joke, or just an email with no real underlining threat between husband and wife, but then couple it with other witness testimony such as, a neighbor who said he often heard the Youngs screaming and fighting for hours. Another close friend who said, Jason punched holes in the walls and ripped doors off hinges during those fights. One of Jason’s friends stating Jason had told him he was sick of his wife.

Also in the warrant it states that investigators called Jason on his cell phone after his parents informed him of Michelle’s death. Investigators asked Jason to come to the crime scene to conduct a walkthrough of the home to assist police in determining if items were taken or out of place, they also had questions about any enemies Michelle may have had. At this point Jason and his family were only aware of Michelle’s murder, but had no details.

Jason Young refused to assist authorities in these early stages and immediately said he would be securing a lawyer and then hung up on the detectives. Jason never asked if his 2 year old daughter was also murdered, if she was ok, what her location was and the most important question how was Michelle murdered?

Would an innocent man on a business trip not ask these questions? Wouldn’t he be horrified and frightened for his daughter? Would he not rush to the scene to find out all he could? Would he not want to know how his wife who was pregnant with their son died? Would he not ask about the unborn child she was carrying?

Also discovered were numerous emails to one of Michelle’s friends, in which Jason complains about Michelle often and expresses his love for the married woman. It was discovered he and this woman were having an affair and shared 980 phone calls and text messages in the month and a half before Michelle was killed. On the day of Michelle’s murder, Jason Young shared 50 phone calls with his mistress, the last call on his phone before the beating death of his wife, was to his mistress. The very first phone call the day after the murder was again to this mistress.

His infidelity is also present or alluded to in the warrant as other emails surfaced of Jason contacting one woman and claiming he was single. Another witness tells of a time Michelle found women’s underwear in her bed that was not hers and a lie Jason made up about the maid.

There are also email exchanges between Jason and his sister where he gloats about not yet being arrested and the good job his lawyers have done.

It has been almost 3 years and Jason Young has never talked with detectives, nor has he inquired about his wife’s murder case. He has never made a plea for the killer to be found and brought to justice. He recently was sued in civil court by Michelle’s mother for wrongful death. He lost the civil case because he did not show up and so by default he was found responsible.

When will Jason Young be arrested?


Delilah said...

The day Jason Young is arrested for this horrific murder will be a day to celebrate justice! He is cold blooded as they come!

rosemary said...

Boy, do I agree with Delilah..

Missed your entries over the last month!! Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

I hate to break it to you sweetie but the only stuff you KNOW is stuff that is carefully leaked. Stuff that the media shares with you. Unless you are working the case or were there the night it occured you don't KNOW anything. Including the fact that Jason did in fact speak with police, he got the lawyer on the advice of friends as he and his family were on their way to the scene, and that the police didn't secure all the evidence (which his friends later found on their own). So before you rush to judgement, remember that. I'm not saying he didn't do it but please remember where you are getting your FACTS from and that you don't have all the information in the case.

Anonymous said...

Jason Young was arrested today for 1st degree murder in Brevard, where he has been living free, for the past 3 years. I personally have been in places where this murderer has been and have been appauled at how he continues to live like nothing has happened. I hope he rots in hell. And as for his mother Pat and his sister, Heather, shame on them for protecting the person that took Cassidy's mother away.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday was the day!

Anonymous said...

It's pretty obvious who murdered Michelle! It is so disturbing that noone nows but her and she is gone. I can't imagine how she felt that night as she lay sleep in her house with her daughter and unborn son, as she awoke to such a frightening occurance. I don't understand why there hasn't been any other suspects! If the murderer wasn't her spouse, then who would have wanted her dead> WHO??