Friday, May 2, 2008

The abuse and murder of Children..WTF!

Now that I am a mother for the second time to a beautiful baby boy and I know yet again how in love a parent can be with this new life, I then come across stories like these and I just can't imagine and I just don't understand.

My son is going to be 3 months and my first son just turned 15 and they are my joy and life line.  How can anyone hurt their flesh and blood?

Richard Barlett age 20:  Admits to breaking his 7 week old baby's bones, squeezing him and bashing his tiny head.  

Richard claimed his baby son awoke crying in the middle of the night apparently this pissed him off because on his way to the changing table to change the baby's diaper he said he squeezed his son to make him shut up.   Of course the baby cried louder because that hurts you asshole!  So he squeezed him tighter.  He then threw the baby down on the changing table and banged the baby's head and when that didn't shut him up he took the poor baby's legs and pushed them back until they popped.   He has pleaded not guilty.

Michael Daniels age 20:  Accused of abusing a two month old baby.  The baby's 27 fractures and bruises were discovered during a routine doctor's visit.  The mother claimed not to know anything, even though the baby had a bruised eye and bottom and had rips in his gum and lip area which indicated he had been brutally forced fed.

Virkisha Warren age 21: Drowns her three month old son.  She drowns her baby puts him in a garbage bag, gets in her car picks up his father then goes to his house, she sits down on the sofa with the bag on her lap.  He opens the bag and finds his baby.  She told police she found her son was not breathing and since she didn't have a phone to call 911 she went to find her boyfriend (the baby's father)  and as she was driving she met up with him and proceeded to his home where they called police.  That has to be the best story especially since she chose to transport her sweet baby in a trash bag!!! 

There is an entire website dedicated to these types of crimes, it is so scary to know that there are people like this out there.

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